Why does my iPad say not charging?

Why Does My iPad Say Not Charging? (All Causes and Solutions)

Are you worried that your iPad is not charging? It happens sometimes especially when plugged into a laptop or PC. It may also occur when you use the iPad charger for some reason. Luckily, situations like that have solutions that do not require spending extra cents.

There are many reasons why your iPad may say “not charging” while plugged into a PC or directly with the charger. Some of the possible causes of an iPad not charging will be discussed in this article, alongside their fixes. Read through!

6 Reasons your iPad may say “not charging” and how to fix them

1. Debris in the charging port

Here is a common reason an iPad may not charge when you plug in a PC or with the charger. Your iPad’s charging port may malfunction when there is dirt, lint or debris lodged in it. The dirt buildup over your months of using the iPad may eventually obstruct the charger from going all the way in when you plug it in.

Solution: You need to clean out your charging port to remove the clogged dirt. Simply use a toothpick to pick out the debris carefully or blow some air to do that. While cleaning, take caution not to push the filth inside further or tamper with the port’s mechanism.

2. Damaged cable

A charging cable can suffer damages over time, especially when in use for a long time. The wire may not be exposed before the cable stops working. It may be that it is broken on the inside and can prevent your iPad from charging.

Solution: Testing other cables is one of the essential troubleshooting steps for an iPad that says not charging. It may be that the previous cable is weak or damaged.

3. Incompatible hardware components

Sometimes, when you attempt to charge your iPad with a PC, the components may be incompatible. That may prevent your iPad from drawing power from the device and show the error message- not charging. The cable you are using to plug your iPad is not compatible, especially when it is a third-party invention.

Solution: Try using the adapter if you were plugging the iPad into a PC or laptop when it showed the error message. It may be that the devices are not compatible. You should also try to use the recommended cable for the iPad in case the previous one is not suitable for it.

4. Water or Liquid Damage

It is not uncommon for water or other liquid forms like your sweat to get into the charging port of the iPad. The liquid substances may cause your iPad to malfunction, especially when you attempt to plug it in. Such can lead to short circuits, corrosion or even cause long-term damage.

Solution: Whether it was an emersion or splashes, ensure your iPad dries completely before charging it. Use a dry towel or tissue to get rid of the liquid and place it before an air source to blow dry.

5. Faulty charging port

Sometimes, the reason your Ipad says not charging is a malfunctioning charging port. Removing and inserting the cable to your charging port continually, may take a toll on its internal mechanism. That will deter the components from working correctly, when you try to charge the iPad

Solution: Take your iPad to a technician to replace it. If your iPad still has its warranty intact, you can ship it to the manufacturer for free repair too.

6. Software Malfunction

Sometimes, the iPad software may have problems. When such issues occur, the iPad may not function properly. It may be that the system has crashed and needs an update or a reboot. Either way, software malfunction can deter your iPad from charging.

Solution: Check if your iPad system version is updated. If it is not, update the software and try charging again. If your system is up to date, then try to reboot and plug in again.


The above fixes are very effective in troubleshooting an iPad that is not charging. You will most likely be able to fix the charging error when you follow one or more of the steps that we have listed.

What if none of the above solves the iPad’s inability to charge? That is where your technician comes in. Take your iPad back to the manufacturer if you still have your warranty or to the technician if the warranty is no longer valid.

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