My TV Turns On Then Off Immediately

My TV Turns On Then Off Immediately – Fix The Problem In A Breeze!

Does your TV turn off by itself after a few seconds? It’s power cycling.

Your television is turning off and then turning on again repeatedly. Many people quickly conclude that the device is damaged or needs to update.

If you are currently experiencing this, you want first to identify the possible cause of your TV turning On and then going off almost immediately. We will look at some troubleshooting tips that always work for whatever TV type has this problem.

Why is my TV turning off as soon as I turn it on?

Fortunately, the possible reasons why your TV goes off almost immediately after you switch it on can be narrowed down to a few casing factors. No matter the kind of TV you have at home, the following could be the cause of this frustrating power cycling:

  • Power Supply Problems
  • Connected Device issues
  • Hardware Problems

All of these possible causes require investigation as explained below;

Power Supply Problems: If the cord that supplies power to the TV is not securely plugged into the wall, your TV can turn off unexpectedly. The same thing happens when your power supply cord is too old and needs replacement.

Connected Device Issues: You might have checked that the power supply source and cord are intact. But you should remember that connected devices could cause the TV to turn on even without your control and vice versa. This happens mostly in TVs that don’t have built-in features.

Hardware Problems: As with other similar home devices, causes of problems relating to power cycling on TVs may not be visible. In other words, while you are convinced the problem could be from the controller, cables, or connection, it could be emanating from inside the hardware.

For example, there may be a little disruption in the TV’s motherboard (where all your TV’s components meet and exchange signals). Most TV repairers go straight to the device’s motherboard to detect this problem. This shows you how common of a causing factor it is.

Unfortunately, problems emanating from your TV motherboard that is causing it to turn off almost immediately after you switch it on can not be fixed by DIYs, unless you are experienced with the electronics.

For this reason, we will now dive into some helpful troubleshooting tips that work for all TV types for this problem.

8 Easy ways to fix TV turning on and then off immediately

If your TV turns on then off immediately, here are ways you can fix it in a breeze.

Unplug your TV and securely plug it back

If power supply problems cause it, you want to unplug your TV completely, hold the power button down for 10 seconds, and plug it back in. If there is a surge protector, try plugging the TV into the outlet on the wall directly to see if it works without going off again.

Disconnect From Wi-Fi

Most Smart TVs that experience this power cycling problem are caused to do so because of their smart features and connectivity features. So, disconnecting the TV from Wi-Fi like SmartThings, Alexa, Google Home, and casting mode might end the problem.

You may even want to check out the apps of these smart software to see which one is making your TV act so.

Have you checked your TV’s power timer?

If you are using a modern TV, it probably has a feature that turns it on or off at a particular time of day. So each time you turn the TV on, it goes off back. Navigate to your TV’s settings and disable any power-scheduling feature to undo this.

Disable HDMI-CEC

The culprit of Power faults in most TVs is usually around the HDMI-CEC connection, and I can bank on this. My LG TV is called the Simulink, but it is identified as Bravia Sync in other brands like Sony.

The features allow your devices to control each other over HDMI, but when malfunctioned, it can cause your TV to go off when you don’t want it to. To disable this feature, navigate to the settings and disable CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)

Other ways you can fix a TV that turns On and then off immediately includes:

  • Changing the batteries in your Remote
  • Checking that the power button on your remote is not pressed and stuck
  • Adjusting your TV Eco mode (for most modern TVs)
  • Performing a factory reset…a fresh start to everything.

With these troubleshooting tips, the only time you’ll have to take a TV break is during commercials, and not the worry of it switching off by itself.

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